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Top 50 Kite Sites 


Retail sales of kites, stunt kites, parafoils, flags, custom-made flags, American flags, windsocks, windchimes, rainchimes, weathervanes, whirligigs, and mobiles. Providing quality items since 1989.


El Alma del Piloto - The Pilot`s Soul

Vuelo Múltiple de Cometas Acrobáticas - Multiple Sport Kite Flying . - Español / English -Sitio donde se puede obtener información sobre vuelo de cometas comandadas, articulos técnicos y periodisticos, videos, guia espectador, demostraciones y enlaces


The Virtual Kite Zoo

Here, you will find pictures, descriptions, plans, history and anecdotes about almost every imaginable type of kite (and a few more), as well as terminology, uses, materials etc etc. A wealth of information and a FAQ in itself.


Best-Breezes Kite History Web Site and Blog

Kite history, kite news, kite making, kite events are covered in this breezy and topical site about the wonder and magic of tethered flight. Topical and insightful with an emphasis on the art, science, and technology of kites today and through history.

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